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Acquiring and operating an auto dealership is an exciting but demanding proposition for anyone.  Still, women and people from diverse backgrounds often face additional challenges such as cultural biases, a smaller network of partner and financing options, and a lack of access to capital. Join WLS Chair Helen Giddings and members for a free webinar powered by General Motors to learn more about Dealership Diversity Opportunities for women in retail. This event will feature expert panelists, Yvette Guyton, Gina Toben, Shana Eastern, Kathryn Mataga and Andrea Dorsey. The esteemed Jacqueline Vessel will moderate this informative conversation to help women navigate their way to becoming GM dealer operators.  Register now to attend! Limited space available.

A Message from the Chair


I am most honored to serve as Chair of the Women’s Leadership Summit. In partnership with the University of North Texas at Dallas Foundation, this exclusive, high-energy event was created with the purpose of educating, empowering, and strengthening women. Since 2018, we have hosted a two-day Summit to collectively address the issues most pressing to women in our community. 

WLS gives a voice to African American women through celebrating our achievements and offering opportunities to address our challenges. Limited to 250 established and emerging leaders, our attendees represent virtually every sector of American life. Included at our 2019 event, were students, West Point cadets, astronauts, educators, entrepreneurs, judges, lawyers, physicians, elected officials, entertainers, and more.

In government and in business, we need more women standing up and being counted. Women's perspectives must be heard. Their experiences must be utilized. It is imperative that women command more boardrooms and demand greater respect at the podiums of power.


The women involved with this summit are prominent women working to advance equity, who continue to be called upon as vocal leaders to advocate strongly for those we serve, and I'm inviting you to join us!

On behalf of the WLS Host Committee, we are eager to see you at the 2022 Summit. We are confident you will leave inspired!

Best regards,

Helen Giddings

WLS Chair

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