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Summit Info

Join us for the 2021 Women’s Leadership Summit this Fall  in Dallas, Texas hosted by former State Representative Helen Giddings and University of North Texas at Dallas Foundation. This conference promises to take young, aspiring female leaders to a higher level of achievement and success. It will focus on learning how to reach for the impossible dream, stride in leadership and further share the paths to success with others.

For the last two years, the Women’s Leadership Summit has been conceived by retired State Representative Helen Giddings along with a committee 14 other successful women who were anxious to share their knowledge, their challenges and their skills with other young potential leaders of the Dallas community. They felt an obligation to reach out and chart a path of success for the next generation so that we all can become stronger, smarter and wiser women.

Over 200 women came together at the 2019 Summit  and were mesmerized, energized and inspired. Some wept out of gratitude and amazement for having the opportunity to listen to the personal stories of women representing virtually every sector of American life. Included in 2019 were astronauts, West Point cadets, entrepreneurs, judges, lawyers, physicians, elected officials, entertainers, and more. It was truly powerful!

The 2021 Women’s Leadership Summit will change the lives of young women of the Dallas community who are eager for MORE knowledge and MORE personal interaction with women who have navigated their own path to success.